Books and Reading

I enjoy reading books on a variety of topics. Here are my thoughts on some books I read recently.


I usually gravitate towards existential themes in fiction and literature.

George Saunders recently (2021) wrote a book about Russian short story writers and how to write (and appreciate) the story form.

Julian Barnes’s Sense of an Ending is devastatingly beautiful.

I liked how Ishiguro inverts characteristics attributed to humanity and machinery in Klara and the Sun.

Ghachar Ghochar is a novella I read in translation that leaves a lot unsaid, like Chekhov’s stories.


Back in 2007, I selected and translated a few verses from a philosophical work in Kannada, Mankuthimmana Kagga.

I like books on psychology and psychotherapy. I read many during 2020-2021 and noted some recommendations while reviewing a book by Lori Gottlieb. As an engineer, I have written about a systems approach to mental well-being.

Kevin Roose, tech writer for NYT, wrote a book about adapting to an age of automation.

I liked and made notes from Build a Career in Data Science as a set of mind maps. Click on the arrows in the nodes to go to linked maps.