Books and Reading

I enjoy reading books on a variety of topics. Here are my thoughts on some books I read recently.


I usually gravitate towards existential themes in fiction and literature.

George Saunders recently (2021) wrote a book about Russian short story writers and how to write (and appreciate) the story form.

Florian Zeller’s The Father and Chekhov’s The Bishop have striking similarities.

Julian Barnes’s Sense of an Ending is devastatingly beautiful.

I liked how Ishiguro inverts characteristics attributed to humanity and machinery in Klara and the Sun.

Ghachar Ghochar is a novella I read in translation that leaves a lot unsaid, like Chekhov’s stories.


Back in 2007, I selected and translated a few verses from a philosophical work in Kannada, Mankuthimmana Kagga.

I like books on psychology and psychotherapy. I read many during 2020-2021 and noted some recommendations while reviewing a book by Lori Gottlieb. As an engineer, I have written about a systems approach to mental well-being.

Kevin Roose, tech writer for NYT, wrote a book about adapting to an age of automation.

I liked and made notes from Build a Career in Data Science as a set of mind maps. Click on the arrows in the nodes to go to linked maps.