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At work, I develop end-to-end machine learning solutions. I have experience with data pipelines, distributed parallel programming systems, cloud platforms, and model operations. I can work with high-level programming languages like Python as well as lower-level languages like C and (x86) assembly. Recently (2020) a graduate of Data Science at UC Berkeley, I also hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ohio State (2008) and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from PESIT, Bangalore, India (2003). I have worked in 3 startups and 2 large companies, in Bangalore and SF Bay Area. I currently live in Mountain View, California. I’m married to Chaitra Suresh and we have a lovely daughter, Dhriti.

During my free time, I like to read. I gravitate towards psychology, philosophy, and literary drama. I also enjoy books on nature, global topics and trends, strategy, and of course, technology.

During the pandemic years of 2020-21, I did pro-bono machine-learning research for sustainability with faculty at UC Berkeley. I have experience with large-scale machine learning on geospatial data including optical, multispectral and SAR remote-sensing data, regression and classification models, time-series analysis, and deep learning. I recently published a research article on global irrigation extent, and gave a talk at Google Geo for Good summit. My data-science portfolio.

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Recruiters, please note: I respectfully refuse to do “Leetcode” interviews. I am interested, however, in a real-world problem in your company and seeing whether I can help you with it.

The Human Bit

In the spirit of maintaining balance, I also want to mention here some of my many vulnerabilities. I hope they will give a better picture of me as an imperfect human being.

I have a colossal nose on a wiry body. I am mortally afraid of house lizards and I believe they will fall on me. When I was a child, my left ear was severely damaged and I am mostly deaf in that ear. Yet, I have not been bold enough to get a hearing aid. My mother wanted me to be a doctor, but I sabotaged that possibility by going to the college selection center without proper documents. As I’ve grown older, I have trouble recognizing faces and remembering names. I am constantly cold and always have my socks on. And so on …

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