“Excellently observed,” answered Candide, “but let us cultivate our garden.” –Voltaire, Candide

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At work, I specialize in machine learning and software engineering. I have experience with data pipelines, distributed parallel programming systems, cloud platforms, and model operations. I can work with high-level programming languages like Python as well as lower-level languages like C and (x86) assembly. During the pandemic years of 2020-21, I did pro-bono machine-learning research for sustainability with faculty at UC Berkeley.

In my free time, I tend to read books. I gravitate towards psychology, philosophy, and literary drama. I also enjoy books on nature, global topics and trends, strategy, and of course, technology. You will find some of my thoughts and reviews in my blog. Luckily for me, my wife Chaitra is a bibliophile as well.

I live in Mountain View, California, but grew up in Bangalore, India. Most recently (2020) I graduated in Data Science from University of California at Berkeley. I also have a master’s degree (2008) in Computer Science from Ohio State University and bachelor’s degree (2003) in Computer Science and Engineering from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

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Recruiters: I do not do “Leetcode” interviews, but I’m open to discussing a realistic technical problem in your company. I believe it gives better signal to both of us.

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I can help. E-mail me on n.deepak at gmail.com for 1-1 consulting and coaching.

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This website has been around since 2000, although it has evolved almost continuously with technology… and me.

The opening quote is from the end of Voltaire’s novel. After a lot of travelling, suffering and soul-searching, Candide finds solace in the words of a simple, old gardener.

‘You must have a vast and magnificent estate,’ said Candide to the Turk. ‘I have only twenty acres,’ replied the old man; ‘I and my children cultivate them; and our labour preserves us from three great evils: weariness, vice, and want.’ Candide, on his way home, reflected deeply on what the old man had said. ‘This honest Turk,’ he said to Pangloss and Martin, ‘seems to be in a far better place than kings… I also know,’ said Candide, ‘that we must cultivate our garden.’ [More]