Hello, I’m Deepak. I work as a machine learning engineer at Citrix. On a typical day, I might be writing models, deploying them into production, enhancing ML infrastructure, or debugging running models. I use Spark, Python, Scala, sklearn, Hive, YARN and Azure for my daily work. I’m passionate about real-time and production-grade ML systems, which demand that you understand both software engineering and machine learning.

From 2003 to 2015, I worked in networking companies, where I wrote software for load balancers to make websites load faster. It was low-level stuff: C, Unix, TCP, HTTP, where you were conscious about CPU cache misses and how many bytes you allocated, and debugging could mean looking at a corrupted stack in gdb or stepping through assembler instructions. This background has given me an appreciation for the productivity high-level software bring, but I’m still curious about going a layer below and understanding how they work.

I recently graduated from UC Berkeley in data science (MIDS, 2020). I also have a master’s degree in computer science (Ohio State, 2008) and a bachelor’s degree in computer science (PESIT, Bangalore, 2003).

I don’t have an active lifestyle outside of work. When I’m not working, I mostly like to sit back and relax. I read a lot of books, play with my daughter, or watch some streaming TV.

The name of the blog, Lead, Kindly Byte, is a pun on a poem by John Newman and my name, which means ‘Light’ in Sanskrit.

You can reach me on e-mail: n.deepak at gmail.com

Last Updated: August 12 2020